Wednesday, March 23, 2011

REVIEW: Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Before I Fall is a book about 17-year-old Samantha (Sam), who gets into a car accident with her three best friends while driving home from a party. Sam dies in the accident, but ends up “waking up” and reliving the day of the accident over and over again. She hopes by changing some of her actions and doing things differently she will have an effect on the outcome of the day. This goes on for seven days, until Sam’s story is finally resolved.

When I started reading this book my expectations weren’t especially high. I thought it was going to be another story about the typical popular girl who ends up having some great epiphany and turns her life around in time for a nice, happy ending. I quickly realized I was wrong. This book is amazing and kept me totally captivated. I finished it in just a few sittings because I could not stop reading it.

One of the reasons this book is so great is the characters. None of the characters in this story are perfect. They all have flaws and they seem, well, like real people who I went to high school with. Much of the dialogue and events that take place had me reminiscing about my own high school experiences, remembering things like trying not to get caught smoking at school and driving around with my girlfriends.  In fact, I think the reason I love this book so much is just how much it makes you think.  As Sam was thinking about her own actions and the effect they have on other people, I couldn’t help thinking about things in life I wish I had done differently, or things I wish I could do over.  It’s easy to forget how short life really is, and this book definitely reminds you.  Rating: A+

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  1. I have looked at this book a few times but have never made it as far as picking it up from the shelf. I'll admit that the cover did influence me quite a bit and I just thought - great, yet another teen drama! But after reading this post I might just give it a try.